'Our Team'

Our Board

David Hillyer

David is our wise one, coming from a 43 year background as CEO of a residential Activity Centre based on the east coast of UK, serving children and young people, he retired but continues to serve as a trustee. He trained as a teacher in design technology but shortly after felt the calling to invest his life into ‘FACT’ (Fellowship Afloat Charitable Trust). David was also a ‘Justice of the Peace’ (Magistrate) for young offenders’ court for 25 years. He is a committed detailist, loves the nitty-gritty and is our biggest fan. He first came to Albania in 2007 and has grown a great appreciation and love for the nation ever since.

Agustin Prenga

Agustin from Lezhe, where we launched our mission, first volunteered with us after finishing university for law. He then married Jeta and has since had three amazing children. He joined New Life Ministries (IJR) in Tiranë and has grown immensely in leadership over the years and is presently the director of student ministry for Europe based in Italy.

Rachel Wilson

Founder & Executive Director

Our Staff

Vali Gjergji (Delija)

Children’s Leader in Shengjin

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