'Spark The Albanian Outreach'

In 2013 ‘Shkëndijë’ launched into the capital city, Tirana, where there is a third of Albania’s population (over 1,000,000 people).

This project, 'Spark the Albanian Outreach', is helping churches to get beyond their doors and start reaching out to the children in their local communities. It trains Albanian church members for outdoor children's ministry, then 'holds their hand' while over the following twelve weeks they are actively reaching out, using the van as an effective outreach tool.

The success of this ministry is that the churches continue the work with the children after the initial six month partnership has concluded.

There are three twelve week outreach cycles in a year, spring, summer and autumn, and during the winter months the team are creating new materials, continuing training and raising support.

Occasionally the van is used for one-off specials.